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INR @ 20,000

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Uttarey Singalila Trek

is the 12 days trekking route from Uttarey inside a majestic view of the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, including the king of mountains mount Kanchenjunga which is a third highest peak in the world and end at Yuksam. Trek route encompasses the area of southwest of Dzongri and as defined by its name, includes 13 days of hike traversing the Singalila range. Utterarey Singalila trek offers the various mountain peaks, lush green valleys, fast flowing rivers, beautiful monasteries and terraced hills. This Trek offers its visitors a rare and exotic experience. Utterarey Singalila  Trekking rout is for the who loves to be with Nature for a  Several Days. Trekking starts a walk into the forest cover, the range that separates both Sikkim and Darjeeling from Nepal. Uttarey Singalila Trek offers various winding mountain passes.  along the scenic ridges of the Himalayas withness the sky-touching peaks. This trek offers 7 different high altitude lakes of different sizes and shape. This trek is also known by the name of Uttarey Chewabhangyang Trek.

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The trek Start from Uttarey and end at Yuksam, Include 12 days hike traversing the Singalila range. The Singalila range demarcates the western borders of Sikkim and Darjeeling with Nepal. Enjoy the mountains, passes, and range.  the lesser mountain chain that rises from the northern hills of Darjeeling district and extends to converge with the Kanchendzonga massif.


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Uttarey Singalila Trek package price guidelines table:

No. of Person Package cost@INR (per head)
2-5 25,000
5-15 20,000
15-30 15,000
30-50 10,000

Uttarey Singalila Trek

Uttarey Singalila Trek

Best Time For Uttarey Singalila Trek

Uttarey Singalila trek can be visited all year around but we recommend to visit during autumn the months of September to November or during summer -between March and June. Don’t make a plan to visit during the monsoon.



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Information About Trek
Package Inclusions
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Do's and Don'ts
Important Things To Carry

Below is the brief Uttarey Singalila  Trek Itinerary read all the details about trek by clicking the day wise package information it expands and you easily read those details.

Please do let us know if you have any special requirements or if you wish to see any specific locations – and we will do our utmost to meet your needs – do this by filling in the form and send your query to us, so that we may contact you as soon as possible.

Details Uttarey Singalila Trek Itinerary

Day o1: Pick up
Day o2: Uttarey to Chewabhanjyang
Day 03: Chewabhanjyang Rest
Day 04:Chewabhanjyang to Dhor
Day 05: Dhor to Parey Megu
Day 06:Parey Megu to Lam Pokhari
Day 07: Lam Pokhari to Gomathang
Day 08: Gomathang to Pangding
Day 09:Pangding to Dzongri
Day 11: Dzongri Rest
Day 10: Dzongri to Thangshing
Day 12: Thangshing to Lamune
Day 13:Lamuney to Kocktsurung
Day 14: Kokchurung to Tshoka
Day 14: Tshoka to Yuksam
Day 15: Drop

Uttarey Singalila Trek end.



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