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Goechala Trek

offer 09 days trek in Sikkim, India to Goechala mountain pass. It is no wonder that trekkers consider Goechala to be the closest to the big mountain treks of Nepal. The third highest mountain and various mountains like Pandim, Talung, Kabru, Simvo and other 9 big summits will view from  Goechala trek. The biggest reason to do the Goechala trek is the grand views of big mountains that you see. You don’t just see one summit — the Kanchenjunga — but 14 other big summits. That’s a lot for any trek — especially as close to the eyes as on the Goechala trek. It is no wonder that trekkers consider Goechala to be the closest to the big mountain treks of Nepal.

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The enchanting charisma of the North East offers the delight that is Goechala, a pleasing destination in the heart of Sikkim. With beautiful mounting summits with gargling streams meandering through expanses of meadows, Goechala Pass is an amazing trekking destination that is loved by travelers and trekking enthusiasts alike. This exhilarating trekking expedition takes you through the spine-tingling beauty of Sachen while pacing onwards towards Bhakim, Tshokha and Dzongri. The bewildering Dzongri Peak offers a stunning vision of the Kanchenjunga and Pandim Peaks while Goechala Pass will enchant you with its enrapturing mountain views from a majestic pinnacle of 16000 feet. Enjoy a romantic and enchanting walk through forest regions, lush meadows and startling blue waters along the trail. Considered as one of the most romantic trekking trails in the country, get ready to be enchanted by the sensational mountains, the fascinating people, their distinctive culture and the mesmerizing trails that lead you to engage in a breath-taking experience. This Goechala trek guide will make your trekking more hassle free and a never forgettable experience.

Uttarey Singalila Trek

Goechala Trek

Here are the cost details of Goechala Trek do let us know if you have any type of requirement.

Note: this is just a Goechala Trek cost guideline shows about package cost. Please fill the form or email us for the best costing and availability. The costing depends on the number of people also the cost of Goechala trek is based on the Requirements and demand of the group. sometimes the cost rise than the suggestion sometimes it became cheaper than the suggested amount below. We are able to arrange all your required things as per your request. The more the number of trekkers the better the Price. Please while filling the form or emailing us note to send brief Description about the package that you want..

No. of person Goechala Trek Cost @ INR (per head)
2-5 20,000
5-15 15,000
15-30 10,000
30-50 8,000

Best Time For Goechala Trek

Goechala trek can be visited all year around but we recommend to visit during autumn the months of September to November or during summer -between March and June. Don’t make a plan to visit during the monsoon.

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Goechala TREK ITINERARY Here is the brief Itinerary of Uttarey Singalila Trek

Bref Itinerary for  Goechala Trek

Day 01: Pick Up and Drive to Yuksam
Day 02: Yuksam to Sachen
Day 03: Sachen to Tshokha via Bakhim
Day 04: Tsokha to Dzongri via Phedang
Day 05: Rest day in Dzongari further to Dzongri top.
Day 06:Dzongri to Thansing via Kokcharang
Day 07: Thansing to Lamuney
Day 08: Lamuney to Goechala viewpoint back to Lamuney
Day 09: Thansing/Kokcharang to Tsokha via Phedang
Day 10: Tsokha to Yuksom via Bakhim and Sachen
Day 11: drop


Goechala trek end



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