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INR @ 25,000

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Dzongri Trek

is the 08 Days trekking route start from Yuksam Sikkim, offers to explore and see the mesmerizing exquisiteness scenic landscape.  Dzongri trek is the best option to explore in short duration. Dzongri Trek is the short duration trekking route in
Sikkim India, during this trek Trakker’s get to explore and see the mesmerizing exquisiteness of scenic landscapes, Dzongri trekking route is for the trekkers who want to explore more in a short duration. This trek is for those who have less time with there busy life and want to relax, go for nature’s place to test the freshness of nature in short duration this Dzongri Trekking route is one of the best trekking routes not only in India but all over the world. Snowfall is common at Dzongri especially winter months the sights of the milky white peaks all around Dzongri are bound to keep you gazing with awe.   The main attraction of Dzongri trek is the view of mt. Kanchenjunga.

Please do let us know if you have any special requirements or if you wish to see any specific locations – and we will do our utmost to meet your needs – do this by filling in the form below and send your query to us so that we contact you as soon as possible.


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Trip overview

Dzongri trek most popular short high altitude trekking destination in Sikkim, India.  The Shorter version of the Goechala trek offers most mesmerizing exquisiteness of scenic landscape this particular trek starts from Yuksam Bazar (a small town at West Sikkim which is also the first capital of Sikkim) and ends up at Yuksam in 6 days. Dzongri trek is a trekking route for those who want to explore more in a shorter period. With the beautiful viewpoint at the Dzongri top offers a 180-degree view of the spectacular mountains and its towering peak of Sikkim Himalayas. Along with Mighty Mt. Kanchendzonga (The third highest mountains in the world) some of the other wells know peaks seen during this trek from Dzongri top are Mt. Pandim , Mt. Kabur north, Mt. Kabur south 7317m, Mt. Kumbhakarna (Janoo) 7710m, Mt. Simvo 6811m, Mt. Kabru Forked 6108m, Mt, Frey Peak 5830m, Mt. Rathong 6679m, Mt. Kokthang 6147m and Mt. Goecha Peak 5127m.

Here are the details about Dzongri Trek Cost

Note: This is just a Dzongri Trek cost guideline shows about package cost.

Please fill the form or email us for the best costing and availability. The costing depends on the number of people also the cost of Dzongri trek is based on the Requirements and demand of the group. sometimes the cost rise than the suggestion sometimes it became cheaper than the suggested amount below. We are able to arrange all your required things as per your request. The more the number of trekkers the better the Price. Please while filling the form or emailing us note to send brief Description about the package that you want.


Dzongri trek price guidelines

No. of Person Package Cost @ INR (per head)
2-5 15,000
5-15 12,000
15-30 10,000
30-50 9,000


Below is the Information about Dzongri Trek By clicking each of those it expands and you can easily find all the information about those. Please read all the details about the Package, which make easy for you to understand about the package.

Information About Trek
Package Inclusions
Package exclude
Do's and Don'ts
Important Things To Carry

 Dzongri Trek itinerary

Below is the brief Dzongri Trek Itinerary read all the details about trek by clicking the day wise package information it expands and you easily read those details.

Please do let us know if you have any special requirements or if you wish to see any specific locations – and we will do our utmost to meet your needs – do this by filling in the form and send your query to us, so that we may contact you as soon as possible.

Details Itinerary of Dzongri trek

Day 01: Pick up and Drive to Yuksam
Day 02: Yuksam to Sachen
Day 03: Sachen to Tshokha via Bakhim
Day 04: Tshoka to Dzongri
Day 05: Rest day in Dzongri further to the Dzongri top.
Day 06: Dzongri To Tshoka
Day 07 : Tshoka to Yuksom
Day 08 : Drop



Dzongri Trek end. Thanks



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